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Install Webroot Antivirus – Smarter Cybersecurity®solutions for the connected world

Webroot Antivirus can be installed on Desktop/Laptop, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad. Here we will explain what guidelines to be following during installation. Before buying the product make sure that it is meeting the system requirement. The device/system must be connected with High-speed internet.

Webroot keycode consists of a 20-digit key and it is Alphanumeric. This key is required to use during installation on an activation wizard screen to make the product licensed or to make it activated.


S – Stands for Alphabet

N – Numeric

Installation step varies from system to system. If it is Purchased from online then the key code would be sent through email however if it purchased from Best buy/Geek squad store then the key code is required to obtain by peeling the sticker and make sure to peel smoothly else the key code may get ripped or tore.

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Installation steps

The installation steps are explained below for Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone/iPad


Step1: Installing using key code on windows

  • Be ready with Activation key code
  • Open the browser Chrome / Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox and then type the link install
  • Alternatively, you may visit download
  • Click on download to download the setup file
  • Run the executable setup file in order to install Webroot secure anywhere
  • It’s required to enter the Key-code during installation wizard on the activation screen
  • Let the first scan be taken place on upon successful installation
  • Reboot the system once the scan takes place.

The installation from the disc is a little bit different, Insert the Webroot CD inside the drive & run the set-up file & enter the key on activation screen.

Step2: Installing from Webroot account

  • In order to install from account, you must create an account with
  • Visit the site and click on sign up to create an account
  • Fill the information e.g. Name, Phone no, email address, password, and the CAPTCHA click on submit
  • Check your email inbox and click on the verification link to verify
  • Now again visit the link and sign to account with the credentials
  • Type the user name & password & sign in and then redeem the key
  • Once the key is redeemed the after, it can be reinstalled end number of times without using the key
  • Click on install and run the executable setup file & complete installation


Mac user keeps a perception that they are using Mac OS X & they should not be worried about Malware, Viruses or phishing issue, which is absolutely wrong. Both Windows and Mac are equally unsafe unless you use strong antivirus program like Webroot secure anywhere. The installation process has been explained below.

Step1: Installing using Keycode

  • Open the Safari browser
  • Type the link
  • Click on Download. The Webroot download file with .dmg extension will be download
  • Double click on that .dmg file & initiate installation
  • Enter the serial activation key & click on submit
  • Wait till installation gets completed
  • Run introductory first scan

Step2: Installing with the help of account is same as in windows.

If it fails to install,

  • Check your internet connection / Reboot your PC/ Delete Temp / Prefetch / Run Malware scan.

Still experiencing an issue, visit for online assistance.

Install Webroot Antivirus Activation

Without activation, any product is useless as it does not function hence it’s very important to activate the product to make it functional. Webroot secure anywhere is available for customers in the form CD disk, Online store & in a retail store. All the form has a unique 20 Digit Alphanumeric keycode which can be used to activate.

Keycode for,

  • If purchased online from, key is available on email
  • If a retail card is purchased from store, key can be obtained by peeling the sticker.

An activation key is required during installation to activate & webroot download from install however it’s not required to use the key if the installation is being from Webroot account because the key is already redeemed with the account.

While on expiry of Webroot internet security, re-activation is required to do and it can be done by few simple steps…

  • Open the Webroot antivirus console & click on renew.
  • Enter the key & click on submit
  • Restart the system, it will start functioning
  • If the key redeemed then without entering the key, it can be reactivated
  • On to the user console, simply click on my account & type the user name and password & click on sign in
  • It will take a while to sync with the server & will activate if it fails to activate, reboot the system & sign in again.
  • Still not working, Uninstall and reinstall Webroot secure Anywhere.

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